The largest arsenal of Martial arts technique

Hapkido is a Korean self-defense and self-improvement art. This style is one of the largest martial arts techniques that incorporates a variety of techniques. Hapkido students study kicks, punches, pressure points, joint manipulations, throws, and a wealth of other martial arts skills while acquiring the added benefits of self-confidence, conditioning, and a balanced lifestyle

Hapkido does not require techniques or katas. Instead, a student builds an arsenal of moves designed to manipulate an opponent by pain enforcement, offering a non-injurious solution as the first defense line. The primary aim is to finish fighting as quickly and effectively as possible.

A very relaxed, free-flowing style, Hapkido relies more on spontaneous reflexive action and the ability to react to a given situation instead of memorizing a set of static positions and unrealistic movements.

Hapkido for Kids

Parents find our children's martial arts programs help improve the sense of responsibility of their child. They gain more self-esteem, concentration, and self-discipline while learning some practical self-defense skills to help them battle bullying and save lives. Education is relevant on so many levels. Education is important; Our children's martial arts program is an excellent addition to a child's formal education, creating a "can-do" attitude and a "Black Belt Excellence" quality in life.

  • A self-esteem boosting award system
  • Activities designed to channel energy and aggression
  • Essential self-defense skills
  • Bully prevention skills