Our Programs

Hapkido for Children

Parents find that our children’s martial arts program has helped increase their child’s sense of responsibility. They gain more self-esteem, focus and self-discipline while gaining some practical self-defense skills that can help them combat bullying and just might save their lives some day. Education is important on so many levels and our children’s martial arts program is an excellent supplement to a child’s formal education, helping to establish a “can-do” attitude and a standard of “Black Belt Excellence” in life.

• A self-esteem boosting award system
• Activities designed to channel energy and aggression
• Essential self-defense skills
• Bully prevention skills


Hapkido for Adults

The adult martial arts program is designed to teach effective self defense skills while improving stamina, coordination and confidence. Students learn a variety of physical skills such as kicks, strikes, self-defense moves, control, grappling and throwing maneuvers. In addition, students are shown proper breathing and meditation techniques aimed at improving mental health and stress relief. While class curriculum contains vital skills of self protection, an additional aim of the program is to provide students tools meant to nurture a healthy lifestyle.

• Diverse and comprehensive martial arts curriculum
• Workouts are a great way to get in shape
• Meet new people
• Feel better and look better


Te-Geri for Adults

This martial arts-based fitness program builds stamina, flexibility and strength while instilling in its students the necessity for living a healthy lifestyle. Te-Geri incorporates many martial arts techniques as a means of conditioning, thereby providing the added benefit of self-defense skills. In Te-Geri, aerobic and strength training combine to give students a total body workout.

• Increase endurance
• Tone and shape your body
• Gain an improved self-image


Additional Programs

The Elite Program

The Elite Program (BBC) is an option awarded to those students who have shown an expressed interest in making black belt their goal. BBC members gain access to special events, seminars, and training opportunities – all intended to aid in achieving their black belt goal.

The Little Eagle Program

Designed for our youngest students, the Little Eagles Program is a jump-start for positive growth in a child’s development. This program is centered around the principles of focus, social interaction and cooperation, while aiding in the acquisition of physical skills such as coordination, balance and strength.

The Elite Leadership Program

Students who have earned their first degree black belts can continue their training through the Elite Leadership Program. This course offers an increased level of technique in addition to weapons training.

The Judo Program (optional)

Hapkido students may also have the option of taking part in the Judo Program. With a central focus on the art of Judo, students will increase their knowledge of Judo throwing techniques, grappling, joint locks and choking.

A Family Atmosphere

We feel that families that kick together, stick together. Our curriculum provides martial arts for the entire family – grandparents, parents, and children. On many occasions, all family members have the opportunity to learn and practice together on the mat.