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Keep Your Child Learning this Summer!

For many parents out there, the thought of Summer approaching can cause the fear of, “What will my child/teen do ALL SUMMER?!?” Fortunately enough for you, our institute offers classes all year round and is a great way to keep a child or teen’s mind engaged in learning while not in school over the summer months!

Our Award-Winning Children’s Program is geared towards kids developing not just themselves physically but also MENTALLY!! Research shows that kids and teens involved in some form of learning over the Summer break come back more prepared and ready for the school year ahead. We have the perfect opportunity for your child or teen to engage their mind, improve or maintain their physical abilities, and learn proven self-defense all at the same time!

This summer, we are offering a special 8 Week-Summer Training Program for any new student ages 4-17!
Contact us now to schedule your first visit before classes start June 20th!

Summer Program

Families that Kick Together, Stick Together!


Are you having less conversation at the dinner table?  Now is the time to have more fun together, get fit, and strengthen those family bonds!

It has become increasingly more difficult for a family to spend quality time together.  There are numerous challenges such as schedules and the constant need to rush here and there.  When can you set aside time on a regular basis to do something together as a family?

The American Judo-Hapkido Institute can provide you with that special opportunity!  More and more families are finding that our school is a great place to come together, to workout, to get in shape, and to learn practical self-defense protection skills all the while strengthening your family bond.

Here’s what a few of our families are saying about us:

“The benefits of our Hapkido and Te-Geri training are two-fold for our family.  First, we are a much healthier family through exercise and proper diet.  Secondly, we are more safety-concsious and more aware of our surroundings.  This has helped us tremendously on our many travels.”

-Leonard Family

“Hapkido training  has provided our family with the opportunity to work together to improve our confidence, coordination, and strength.”

-Casey Family

Our school provides a safe, structured atmosphere that brings out the positive attitudes, self-discipline, and mutual respect of the entire family.  In addition, self-protection skills that really work!

Here are some more benefits from training as a family:

Training as a Family is FUN.  You will learn falling techniques and cool self-defense moves while getting great exercise and a sense of progress.

Training as a Family is BENEFICIAL.  You will develop better self-esteem, a keener sense of awareness, and a better attitude and understanding of effective self-defense skills.

Training as a Family is EASY.  Through your first, private lesson with one of our certified Black Belt Instructors, you and your family will start a journey together towards a healthier life style and a stronger family bond.

Don’t wait to give your entire family the gift of an overall better more safe life!

Children’s Fitness

Our Program has many benefits when it comes to developing better life skills such as discipline, focus, and respect, but what people do not always realize is that martial arts training is great for kid’s fitness as well!

With childhood obesity being a major trend that kids face today, a fitness regiment and reinforcement is crucial in helping children today become healthier and more active!

According to The Partnership for a Healthier America:

-An estimated 16.9 percent of children and adolescents ages 2 to 9 are obese and 31.7 percent are overweight. This translates to more than 12 million children and adolescents who are obese, and more than 23 million who are overweight.

-21.2 percent of children only ages 2 to 5 already obese or overweight.

-The obesity rate for children ages 6 to 11 has also more than quadrupled – from 4.2 to 19.6 percent – as well as tripled for adolescents ages 12 to 19 – from 4.6 to 18.1 percent – over the past four decades.

These statistics are alarming, but there is a solution.  Our program helps to encourage children to live active and healthy lives.  We provide the structure and follow through to help students achieve their own fitness goals and strive to be leaders in fitness in their every day lives!

Don’t let your child turn down the road to obesity!  Take action now for a brighter more healthier future for your child!Dangerous trend #4

Martial Arts Fitness


Our you looking for a fun way to get exercise and improve your overall health.  Our Te-Geri Program is just what you need!

A crucial part of a LONG and HEALTHY LIFE depends on a routine of exercises and physical activities.

Here are what a few students involved in our Te-Geri Program have to say about how it has impacted their lives:

Diane Jenkins:

I’ve been doing Te-Geri for about 18 years. It’s been the best workout I ever got, it’s help me keep my weight down, I feel better about myself, Excellent stress releaser. It’s a total body workout. I love the definition in my arms and abs. The instructors are awesome, will do what ever to help you. If your looking for a workout routine This is where you want to go. Love it!!!

Vicki Forster:

I was introduced to the American Judo-Hapkido Institute by my now husband Robert Forster who was training for his black belt in Hapkido.  He told me “I think you would really like Ms. Laura’s class (she was not a Master at the time).”  I was introduced to Master Laura, took my first Te Geri class lead by Master Laura, and I never left. I am on my 8th year of training.  I have spent more money in the past on gym memberships and never went.  To this day, I thoroughly enjoy my training, I have more confidence and stamina, and now truly enjoy leading the class as an Instructor and watching my students grow with their training.  I highly recommend Te Geri, especially for women, to help them become more aware of their surroundings, to learn the self-defense that we teach and how to protect themselves in the world we now live in, and to have more confidence in themselves.In our Te-Geri Program, students cross-train in variety of disciplines including aerobic regimens, resistance training , and martial arts-based techniques, all geared towards improving the physical and mental well-being of a student.

Our Te-Geri Program provides a more engaging experience than many other workout programs!  Don’t wait to start on your own journey to be a better, more fit you!


Kid’s Self Defense

Our Award- Winning Children’s Program is fun, fast-paced, educational, and helps to develop a “Yes I Can!” attitude!

Parents bring their children to us for a variety of different reasons anywhere from building better focus and self-discipline to gaining better confidence and a more respectful attitude for their every day lives.  We are glad to say we can help improve these areas that parents wish to focus on through our specialized Junior Self-Defense Program!

Our program looks at reducing ares of negative behavior while improving their overall life skills!  It also focuses on encouraging and influencing them to be healthy, happy, confident, and life champions!

Our Program Reduces/ Eliminates:

-Behavior Challenges

– Fear of Failure

– Anxiety Issues and Poor Self-Confidence

-Effects of Bullying and Peer-Pressure

Poor Social Skills

Our Program Increases/ Improves:

-Attention Span

-Basic Motor Skills

-Positive Self-Confidence/ Self-Esteem


-Personal Protection Skills

-Social Skills

Is your child struggling with any of these areas!  Our Program can help!

Do not wait for these issues in your child’s life to continue and get worse.  Now is a better time than ever to get your child started on the path to success and give them the tools they need for now and the rest of their life!




Adult Self-Defense


Our you looking for a new sense of purpose in life?  Have you tried the gym memberships and exercise classes, but you just cannot seem to follow through?  So many of our current adult students have come to us with those same dilemmas and we will tell you the same thing we told them,  “We can help!”

Our Adult Self-Defense Program has something for adult students of all ages and can help them to achieve and go beyond the different goals they wish to accomplish!  The goal of our martial arts classes is to target not only your physical health, but your mental health as well through the art of Hapkido.

We focus on avoiding a boring monotonous workout by bringing you a fun high-energy exercise experience while learning proven self-protection skills and awareness.  Our martial arts classes also help to improve your cardiovascular endurance along with building improved strength and better flexibility.

Most importantly, our goal orientated  belt system helps a student to reach and go beyond goals they set for themselves.  It is geared towards building confidence and giving a student a strong sense of growth and accomplishment, that in turn, carries over to their every day lives!

Personal self-defense is proven to help relieve stress, lower anxiety issues, and help guide and support a student to make healthier life choices!

DO NOT WAIT!!!  Now is a better time than ever to start changing your life for the better and becoming the best YOU, you can be!!

Karate VS. Hapkido

Over the years of being a martial arts institute, a common question asked by many new students and others interested in our program has been, “What is the difference between Hapkido and Karate?”  To the untrained person or someone unfamiliar with the martial arts, Hapkido may seem no different from other martial arts like Karate, but in fact they are very different!

Lets take a look at these differences to clear the air on what Hapkido is all about!


Hapkido is a Korean word meaning “coordinated power-way.”  This means when doing a technique, the body creates a synergy bringing together a students mind, body, spirit to act as one.


Karate is a generic Japanese term meaning “Empty Hand.”  Being a more generic term, there are many different styles of Karate.


Hapkido uses a relaxed natural posture that allows you to move as you strike.  This also allows a free flow of energy into a students technique.


Karate uses more rigid, strong stances as a pre-set fighting position often to intimidate your opponent.


Hapkido is considered both a “hard and soft” style meant to redirect your attackers energy with soft free-flowing joint locks combined with strategic striking.


Karate is defined as a “hard” style using direct blocking, kicking, and punching.


Hapkido striking is very strategic attacking the body at a precise angle and location designed to temporarily disable, render unconscious, or bring severe pain to your attacker.


Karate striking is mostly “sport style” designed to score points during a match.  It is also used for full contact striking with an abundance of force to “knock” your opponent out.


Hapkido uses a “Kiap!”  A technique of vibrating your molars to stimulate the pituitary gland which then activates the adrenal gland in the body to produce “Ki” power releasing one’s inner energy.


Karate uses a “Kiai” often used to startle or scare their opponent.


Hapkido is realistic self-defense applying both physics and anatomy.  Its objective is not to “beat” anyone up, but to keep someone from “beating” them up.  This is usually done with compliance with pain as the first alternative.


Karate is primarily practiced as a sport in tournaments for point sparing or demonstrating pre-arranged techniques in the form of a Kata to be judged.

As you can see, there are many difference between the art of Hapkido and the art of Karate.  We hope this article will be helpful to anyone looking to get involved in martial arts and decide what is best for them!

5 Dangerous Trends Facing Kids Today

5 Dangerous Trends Facing Kids Today

Low Self-Esteem

Low self-esteem is major problem facing many kids and teens in the world today.  Even though we see this issue affecting both boys and girls, there are proven statistics that show this trend is even more prevalent and a bigger issue for girls ages 12 years old and up.

    Girl’s self-esteem normally peaks at the age of 9 and then in many cases takes a nose dive from there!  By the age of 15, depressed girls out number boys 2 to 1.  Low self-esteem creates feelings of helplessness and depression which can have detrimental affects to how girls view themselves and their overall success in life!

The American Academy of Pediatrics shares that:  Low self-esteem leads to impaired academic performance, underachievement, substance abuse problems, and issues regarding social behavior.

These facts can be startling as well as eye opening, but there is good news when it comes to positive ways to combat this dangerous trend!

    Women’s self-defense and martial arts classes are a great way to help young girls by taking action against low self-esteem:

– Creates a positive environment and a win/win scenario.

-Martial arts celebrates their unique qualities, traits, and talents thereby instilling pride in themselves and self-respect.

-Spotlight in class through belt and stripe recognition.

-Discuss and note their growth and progress through their martial arts training.

    We find that girls enrolled in martial arts training for this issue of low self-esteem not only gain better confidence and a positive self-image, but the attitude developed in their training carries over to their every day lives from home life to school and everywhere in between!  The sooner you take action to improve your child’s overall self-esteem the less likely they are to fall in to this dangerous trend!

5 Dangerous Trends Kids Face Today

5 Dangerous Trends Kids Face Today


     Did you know Pennsylvania is ranked #4 out of all 50 States (behind #1 California, #2 New York, #3 Illinois) for bullying!  This is a major epidemic facing children in today’s world and there alarming statistics that we feel all parents should be aware of:

– 23% of elementary students are bullied 1-3 times per month!

– More than 50% of incidents go unreported!

– 14% of those incidents were severe in nature!

     Bullying can cause detrimental emotional reactions with children that can lead to serious repercussions such as:

– A feeling of loneliness and trouble making friends.

– Poor academic performance and substance abuse.

– Can cause a student to take action in very serious and dangerous ways such as taking a weapon to school for “payback” towards those inflicting the bullying.

     Our self-defense classes deal with bully prevention and teach personal defense skills that target the affects of bullying on an emotional and physical level. These skills include:

-Better Focus- Utilizing eye-contact to diffuse the situation.

-Improved Confidence- to assert authority.

-Effective personal defense skills- to handle bullying if it turns into an attack and defend situation.

     We find that Black Belt students are better equipped to to handle a bully confrontation by encouraging them to be happy, healthy, and confident! Martial arts instruction also focuses on influencing them to be life champions and to never let anyone hurt them inside or out!

Women’s Self-Defense

5 Reasons Every Girl Should Earn a Black Belt.

All to often martial arts is widely viewed as something only boys can do, but that is far from the truth!  More and more girls in today’s world are stepping out on the mat and gaining a multitude of different benefits they may not have realized they could have gained prior to their involvement in martial arts classes.  We feel there are strong reasons that all girls should be involved in martial arts and we want to share them with you!

These 5 Reasons Include:

1. Improved grades and performance in school and athletics.

2. Black Belts are physically and mentally strong.

3. Black Belts learn to set and achieve positive goals.

4. Black Belts respects themselves and others.

5. Better self-confidence and personal defense skills.

It is proven that girls in martial arts are more empowered, safer and more secure, and gain a positive self-image and confidence that helps them in their every day lives!  These reasons are just some of the many benefits girls can gain through our program!

Don’t be a victim to the dangerous trends facing girls today!  Start your journey towards a safer, more confident you now!