The Arts


Hapkido is a Korean system of self-defense and self-improvement. Incorporating a vast assortment of techniques, this style is one of the most comprehensive martial arts. A Hapkido student studies kicks, strikes, pressure points, joint manipulations, throws and a wealth of other martial skills, while gaining the added benefits of self-confidence, conditioning and an appreciation for living a healthy lifestyle.

Hapkido does not involve competition techniques or katas. Instead, a student develops an arsenal of moves designed to control an opponent through compliance with pain and providing a non-injuring alternative as the first line of defense. The primary goal is to end the fight as quickly and efficiently as possible.

A very relaxed, free-flowing style, Hapkido relies more on spontaneous reflexive action and the ability to adapt to a given situation as opposed to a series of rigid stances and impractical moves to be memorized.


Judo is a Japanese martial sport comprised of throwing, mat holds, arm locks and chokes. Strategies are taught in movement, combination throws, counters and ground grappling. The technical skills of Judo involve the principles of applied physics and body leverage mechanics in order to allow a smaller person to overcome a physically stronger, larger opponent. The American Judo-Hapkido Institute is affiliated with Shufu Yudansha-kai and the United States Judo Federation. Students learn a very traditional form of Judo, including shiai (contest preparation) as well as kata (formal skills). The American Judo-Hapkido Institute has produced numerous national and international champions.


Sinmoo Yu Sool Kwan

Offered exclusively to our Elite and Elite Leadership members, this Hapkido-based system is infused with the throwing and grappling techniques of Judo to create an unrivaled style of personal defense.


A long and healthy life depends on a routine of exercise and physical activity. In Te-Geri, students cross-train in a variety of disciplines including aerobic regimens, resistance training and martial arts-based techniques, all geared toward improving the physical and mental well-being of the student, while providing a more engaging experience than many workout programs.