Keep Your Child Learning this Summer!

For many parents out there, the thought of Summer approaching can cause the fear of, “What will my child/teen do ALL SUMMER?!?” Fortunately enough for you, our institute offers classes all year round and is a great way to keep a child or teen’s mind engaged in learning while not in school over the summer months!

Our Award-Winning Children’s Program is geared towards kids developing not just themselves physically but also MENTALLY!! Research shows that kids and teens involved in some form of learning over the Summer break come back more prepared and ready for the school year ahead. We have the perfect opportunity for your child or teen to engage their mind, improve or maintain their physical abilities, and learn proven self-defense all at the same time!

This summer, we are offering a special 8 Week-Summer Training Program for any new student ages 4-17!
Contact us now to schedule your first visit before classes start June 20th!

Summer Program