New Year…New You!

Have you made New Years Resolutions for 2016? Are you determined to reach those goals, whatever they may be from losing weight to becoming more organized?  We we want to help!  Start the new year off right by involving yourself in a program that is dedicated to its students and helps them reach their fitness goals along with many other goals ALL YEAR ROUND!!

Our program provides a structured and regimented martial arts training program that pushes a students as well as keeping them accountable for the goals they set and the commitment they make once joining our program.

Did you know according to the A&E Network:

-45% of Americans will make new years resolutions this year!

-Out of that 45%, 75% will commit to their resolutions for one week

-By Week Two, 71% will be keeping their resolutions

-By Week Four, 64% will be keeping their resolutions

-By the half-way point of the year, only 46% of the those who made New Year’s Resolutions actually still stay committed to their original goals!

Don’t let yourself fall away from your commitments you have made for this year and allow us to help!  We want to assist you and make this your best year yet!  Contact us now to find out more bout our New Year Special  and how you can start on your own journey to a more successful you!