Holiday Safety


This time of the year is always full of fun and excitement, but it can also bring dangers many people may not think of!  Thats right!  The holiday season, though full of cheer and family time, also can be a time where being aware and safety conscious is more crucial than ever!

Holiday Safety is an important topic discussed in our program, especially around this time of year.  We focus on instilling in our students the awareness and preparedness they need if a dangerous situation would arise!

First, we help students to be more aware of their surroundings and discuss “Red Lights” to be cautious of while out with family or even traveling.  We also make sure our junior students know to also stay close to their parents when out shopping or going out with family.  With so many people out this time of year and with so much going on, the more aware your family is the safer you all will be!

Second, our students, both junior and senior ranks, learn proven self-protection skills in case of an attack and defend situation!  The skills acquired by our students are meant to protect them in a real life self-defense situation and with a rise in crime around the holidays, these skills are priceless!

Don’t let your family fall victim to holiday troubles.  Give the priceless gift of peace of mind this holiday season!