Families that Kick Together, Stick Together!


Are you having less conversation at the dinner table?  Now is the time to have more fun together, get fit, and strengthen those family bonds!

It has become increasingly more difficult for a family to spend quality time together.  There are numerous challenges such as schedules and the constant need to rush here and there.  When can you set aside time on a regular basis to do something together as a family?

The American Judo-Hapkido Institute can provide you with that special opportunity!  More and more families are finding that our school is a great place to come together, to workout, to get in shape, and to learn practical self-defense protection skills all the while strengthening your family bond.

Here’s what a few of our families are saying about us:

“The benefits of our Hapkido and Te-Geri training are two-fold for our family.  First, we are a much healthier family through exercise and proper diet.  Secondly, we are more safety-concsious and more aware of our surroundings.  This has helped us tremendously on our many travels.”

-Leonard Family

“Hapkido training  has provided our family with the opportunity to work together to improve our confidence, coordination, and strength.”

-Casey Family

Our school provides a safe, structured atmosphere that brings out the positive attitudes, self-discipline, and mutual respect of the entire family.  In addition, self-protection skills that really work!

Here are some more benefits from training as a family:

Training as a Family is FUN.  You will learn falling techniques and cool self-defense moves while getting great exercise and a sense of progress.

Training as a Family is BENEFICIAL.  You will develop better self-esteem, a keener sense of awareness, and a better attitude and understanding of effective self-defense skills.

Training as a Family is EASY.  Through your first, private lesson with one of our certified Black Belt Instructors, you and your family will start a journey together towards a healthier life style and a stronger family bond.

Don’t wait to give your entire family the gift of an overall better more safe life!