Martial Arts Fitness


Our you looking for a fun way to get exercise and improve your overall health.  Our Te-Geri Program is just what you need!

A crucial part of a LONG and HEALTHY LIFE depends on a routine of exercises and physical activities.

Here are what a few students involved in our Te-Geri Program have to say about how it has impacted their lives:

Diane Jenkins:

I’ve been doing Te-Geri for about 18 years. It’s been the best workout I ever got, it’s help me keep my weight down, I feel better about myself, Excellent stress releaser. It’s a total body workout. I love the definition in my arms and abs. The instructors are awesome, will do what ever to help you. If your looking for a workout routine This is where you want to go. Love it!!!

Vicki Forster:

I was introduced to the American Judo-Hapkido Institute by my now husband Robert Forster who was training for his black belt in Hapkido.  He told me “I think you would really like Ms. Laura’s class (she was not a Master at the time).”  I was introduced to Master Laura, took my first Te Geri class lead by Master Laura, and I never left. I am on my 8th year of training.  I have spent more money in the past on gym memberships and never went.  To this day, I thoroughly enjoy my training, I have more confidence and stamina, and now truly enjoy leading the class as an Instructor and watching my students grow with their training.  I highly recommend Te Geri, especially for women, to help them become more aware of their surroundings, to learn the self-defense that we teach and how to protect themselves in the world we now live in, and to have more confidence in themselves.In our Te-Geri Program, students cross-train in variety of disciplines including aerobic regimens, resistance training , and martial arts-based techniques, all geared towards improving the physical and mental well-being of a student.

Our Te-Geri Program provides a more engaging experience than many other workout programs!  Don’t wait to start on your own journey to be a better, more fit you!