Kid’s Self Defense

Our Award- Winning Children’s Program is fun, fast-paced, educational, and helps to develop a “Yes I Can!” attitude!

Parents bring their children to us for a variety of different reasons anywhere from building better focus and self-discipline to gaining better confidence and a more respectful attitude for their every day lives.  We are glad to say we can help improve these areas that parents wish to focus on through our specialized Junior Self-Defense Program!

Our program looks at reducing ares of negative behavior while improving their overall life skills!  It also focuses on encouraging and influencing them to be healthy, happy, confident, and life champions!

Our Program Reduces/ Eliminates:

-Behavior Challenges

– Fear of Failure

– Anxiety Issues and Poor Self-Confidence

-Effects of Bullying and Peer-Pressure

Poor Social Skills

Our Program Increases/ Improves:

-Attention Span

-Basic Motor Skills

-Positive Self-Confidence/ Self-Esteem


-Personal Protection Skills

-Social Skills

Is your child struggling with any of these areas!  Our Program can help!

Do not wait for these issues in your child’s life to continue and get worse.  Now is a better time than ever to get your child started on the path to success and give them the tools they need for now and the rest of their life!