Adult Self-Defense


Our you looking for a new sense of purpose in life?  Have you tried the gym memberships and exercise classes, but you just cannot seem to follow through?  So many of our current adult students have come to us with those same dilemmas and we will tell you the same thing we told them,  “We can help!”

Our Adult Self-Defense Program has something for adult students of all ages and can help them to achieve and go beyond the different goals they wish to accomplish!  The goal of our martial arts classes is to target not only your physical health, but your mental health as well through the art of Hapkido.

We focus on avoiding a boring monotonous workout by bringing you a fun high-energy exercise experience while learning proven self-protection skills and awareness.  Our martial arts classes also help to improve your cardiovascular endurance along with building improved strength and better flexibility.

Most importantly, our goal orientated  belt system helps a student to reach and go beyond goals they set for themselves.  It is geared towards building confidence and giving a student a strong sense of growth and accomplishment, that in turn, carries over to their every day lives!

Personal self-defense is proven to help relieve stress, lower anxiety issues, and help guide and support a student to make healthier life choices!

DO NOT WAIT!!!  Now is a better time than ever to start changing your life for the better and becoming the best YOU, you can be!!